I met someone the other day, who told me that she was trying to lose weight by starving herself to death; she had skipped breakfast and it was the middle of the afternoon.  Nearly fainting and not the same cheerful person that she said she used be; we began chatting and she mentioned to me that her mood swings where at their highest levels and every time the thought of food came into her head she became irritated.  I mentioned to her that eating is not the root of the problem given that FOOD IS NECESSARY, the highlight for some people, however, when eating we need to think healthy. She mentioned to me that healthy food does not taste as good as fast food or the type of food that she usually cooks.  I mentioned to her a couple of easy recipes I used with my products that were healthy, satisfying and delicious.  She said she would try them out.  She sent me an email this morning and she was so happy with the recipes that I mentioned; no more mood swings, no more starving to death.

Food can be tasteful and healthy at the same time

Easy recipes recommended:


Cottage Cheese and Two Tablespoons Chaloner Raspberry and Plum Jam


Salad, with smoked turkey on top drizzles with Verlaque’s Sundried Turkish Fig


Grilled Chicken with Q Gourmet Sweet Tangy Mango sauce (which is also fat free)