Indulge Me….

Looking back, it’s clear where it all began –with iced tea. It was my first entree to the food industry. I made it at home, serving it at all summer gatherings.

I call it my East Hamptons Iced tea. I was in the Hamptons, at the Mulford Farm Food Show, and there was this pitcher of iced tea without a brand name and what seduced me was the contents in the jug – big, big lemon slices, fresh mint and lots of ice. Its creator refused to give me her recipe and so I created my own: premium quality brewed Indian tea left overnight to enhance the flavor, the view inside my clear pitcher:large orange slices, strawberries, fresh mint, and some other secret ingredients. I’d serve it at dinners, parties in the backyard around the pool, and would also add rum for a cocktail sometimes. EVERYONE who has ever tasted it LOVES it and raves about it. But a product like this is very difficult to bring to market…I am still working on it….and will tell you as soon as I perfect it.

My fondest dreams were to have my tea being featured at Dean and Deluca and Harrods, and written up in Gourmet or Bon Appétit magazines as the hottest thing on the market—and someday I will.

I’ve come to realize it’s not that easy!

Getting product to market is painful, as is understanding how to allocate the proper use of capital and market strategies. Better business insight would have reduced sleepless nights and allowed more time for family and friends. I wish I could have founded a company that made it all easy. But it just isn’t. Yet today I understand so much more and am ready to help others.

Our mission now is to make the process of placing your products — no matter where you are on the food chain — an easy, less expensive and more profitable process.

We can do it. Send us information about your best product and let’s talk.