I’m not the sort of female to torment a respectable man…but I must get to el Bulli, before they close.

Waiting to complete the final chapter of my book on the ultimate culinary experiences – a delicious journey of places, people, and ingredients that is all a culmination of satiating a Foodies need for great food. These experiences range from simple fare to complex Michelin star dishes.

Like anyone looking for the ultimate thrill and satisfaction in all experiences, I’m looking to reach the ultimate O in the culinary experiences I’ve had to complete the G-spot which is to land on shelves Sept 9, 2011. This has to be and evening, leading to a late night all around a 6 to 9 course meal at El Bulli.

Here’s hoping Senor Adria will see me to the finish. And, before he takes his hiatus from El Bulli while he further studies and refines “molecular cuisine”.