In 1993, I wrote a research paper with the opening statement: “This paper comes on the eve of profound political change in South Africa…” Advance 15 years and there are tremendous political changes here — good, bad and indifferent. However, my quest this time is not to investigate F.W. de Klerk’s government and the Apartheid regime…it’s to discover fabulous foods from South Africa — what has been opened to our side of the world since sanctions lifted.This is my first visit to South Africa. Now that I’ve tasted the exotic African culinary delights…in the immortal words of Arnold Schwarzenegger…I’ll be back.Thus far the perfect sunny days ends with “sundowners,”(indulging in an array of delicious cocktails)while watching the sun set. Words cannot express the stunning Cape Town vistas so I’ve attached a picture.

South African wines have garnered much world respect over the last ten years. Why is that so? It’s the same reason that delicious South African items like our Chaloner fruit preserves are so remarkable. There is something, some intangible spiritual ingredient in the South African soil that lends itself to a deep, intense flavour in all its fruits. This makes the South African food items outstanding and different from the other varieties we source from China and even though I am patriotic to Canada –my home — the flavours are more intense than the anything we find in the Great White North.

This week I will be writing on Fabulous Finds in Cape Town, sharing this incredible and delicious journey.