It’s 7:00 pm, 10 guests are arriving for dinner, and I can’t find the corkscrew! Sometimes, when things don´t go our way, we have to improvise!

Useful tips on how to uncork your wine tout de suite.
Corkscrew didn’t work? Sometimes the cork is too short or too long. Use the screw pull—it will easily take that cork out.
Bits of floating cork? This happens all the time…just fish them out and get a better corkscrew
Cork has pushed straight into the bottle? It could be the cork’s fault. Nothing to do here—just get yourself a cork retriever.
Corkscrew technique? When you insert the tip of the corkscrew, try not to push it—it will work better if you just turn it until it is set to pull.
Leaking bottles? Stained or dry corks? Don´t worry, this is quite normal. Just try to keep the wine in the best possible location, where the temperature does not go too high or too low.