My job includes a lot of travelling. A lot of traveling equals; many hotels, and many continental breakfasts; free with stay. And of course being a Foodie, I have my standards.

At every hotel, the norm of; white bread, make-it-yourself waffles, aging cereal, ect, was served. They also had a suspicious greyish paste in a crock pot with a picture of a smiling Quaker man in front. A meagre attempt at oatmeal I believe. And of course the standard O.J. and apple juice. Then there were the hotel’s offering more than just the glue croissants, they included; cinnamon buns, scones, scrambled eggs, pre-heated crispy bacon, French toast. The food is made good enough to have minimal complaints to management but nothing to ohh and ahh about.

The ohhh and ahhhs comes not from the fake eggs, and processed fare provided. It does not necessarily have to come from molecular cuisine. However the use of just good plain food as Mother Nature intended would have more than sufficed. Fresh eggs, oatmeal not sitting in a pot for hours(or from the day before) whole wheat bread, would be a good start. All it takes is to keep it fresh and real.