You know you’re good when 18 Teenagers at a Birthday Party loves your cooking.

Smart kids get parents to commit to the outrageous when they are not listening. I vaguely remember my daughter Danielle telling me about some birthday party and blah blah blah on Saturday. Sure I said as long as I’m not involved. Some more “blah blah” she says and I said OK. Well those oks were that she would be sleeping over the night before the party and arrive at noon to receive guests at 1. As Murphy’s Law would go, things went wrong and Danielle did not get home until after the first two guests arrived. That was how I got to do all the things I had blocked out not hearing the blah blah blah’s.

Thank goodness I have some true and tried recopies. I made my Olive and Chilli BBQ chicken in the oven, home made fries, a slew of dips to go with the chips and veggies.

I only have two pieces of chicken to show as the vultures had the entire pan.

Their comments; “Mrs Spencer that was the best chicken ever”, “I had five pieces” “Wow my mom does not make chicken like that”…on and on.

Nadine’s Olive & Chilli BBQ Chicken
1 large pack of chicken drumsticks
Season to taste with salt and pepper
Add one grated onion and 6 pieces crushed garlic.
mix in 1 cup Chaloner Olive and Chilli preserve and 2 cups Q Gourmet Smokey BBQ Cooking sauce

if time allows let sit overnight in refrigerator (minimum time to marinate 1 hour is ok)

Bake at 350 in covered roasting pan for 1 hour (after hour drain off excess sauce, I usually save for sauces at a later time freeze till required.)

In a separate bowl combine 1 cup Chaloner Olive and Chilli preserve and 2 cups Q Gourmet Smokey BBQ Cooking Sauce and slowly brush on chicken.

Put in oven un-covered for half an hour allowing sauces caramelize on chicken.


Tastes even better the next day if any left.